Team Sponsorship


TSD Airsoft would like to introduce our sponsorship program to your team. Our goal is to promote the sport of Airsoft and to give our valued fans a chance to give us feedback to further improve our products.

Teams will have the chance to be backed by the TSD Airsoft name and will be able to reap a few perks as well, such as the chance to receive free BBs or guns! All we need is to speak to someone who is at least 18 or older and for them to fill out a small questionnaire telling us a little something about your team! Upon approval we’ll close everything up by sending your team a TSD Airsoft banner! By helping us, we will be able to continue providing quality products!


*Age verification is required; please also include a legible scan or copy of the primary and secondary contact's driver's licenses.

For more information, or if you have questions, please email



Team Sponsorship Form

Download and Submit the completed form to

Once the form is completed, please go to File -> Save and attach the completed form to your email.