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“NO to SB1315!”

First Los Angeles, next California…

SB1315, the bill designed to allow a ban of Airsoft in Los Angeles County, is eligible for vote in the California Assembly on August 6.  If it passes in Los Angeles, you can be sure it will happen all over California next year.  WE NEED YOU to call YOUR Assemblyperson’s office and tell them “NO to SB1315!”.

Shot Show Special, TSD Metal Blowback AEG


Shot Show Special, TSD Metal Blowback AEG

We like to thank everyone that was able to visit Team SD at the 2011 Shot Show, if you were not able to attend we like to extend the Show Special to you until 28th.

Update: Olympic Arms M4 AEG

All TSD Olympic Arms AEGs OEM by ICS are Pre-Upgraded to fire 360-390 FPS with .20g BBs. Test it for yourself and try one today: /sd/catalog/275